Welp, here we go again with Raid hacking

@Sarah247 @Mohadib are we ever going to get a cheat fix for this crap? Only gets more and more unfair every week…

I’ll just keep adding the other cheaters I see with impossible scores.

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Don’t worry devs are very positive :wink:

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Up this topic :arrow_up:

so whats the matter?
He’s only tier 2 so he probably have enough dmg to perfect the raid

Score 6500 tier 2 :wolf:

1300 tier 1+ 2600 tier 2=3900 max score

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Developers, this is your morning to discuss about this with your team :smile:

no hacking
its called energy item valiant sniper

It IS hacking. Because, yes you can perfect the first two raids with ease. BUT you cannot go over 3900 points total for both. The ones shown well over 3900 are indeed cheating.

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