Well, well, well... look who’s back


If it isn’t my good friends at Battledawn.

Another year has passed, and your dearest pal Robin Hood returns again.

I still remember last year, what with my failed attempt at winning an era. I know not what went wrong. Perhaps I am not the most tactics-driven leader, but surely my charismatic nature should have been enough?

Anyway, I am sure you all have questions for the greatest Battledawn player of all time. Ask away, and maybe I will be persuaded to lead another group of Merry Men. It is wonderful to be back.


(and happy easter)


Wait who u :thinking:


Hopefully Betty returns :wink:


You were a great leader. The issue was your trash team. You had maybe 1 good member but besides that everyone was trash.

Missed you, Robin Hood


Leave, I dont want to fight more no lifers


Robin welcome back <3

the point was for anyone to play not some CE winning team. chill kaen


Carter is my hot annie-may gf. #2 BD princess


RobinHood and Jaek return…that’s some weird mix


I’m not back to playing.


Me neither :slight_smile: