Well, this sucks the big one

Hey everybody.
As some of you might know that Im not really supposed to be making accounts for games like SM, BD, and the forum.
Well, I forgot to delete my search history, and my parents found out. from now I am prohibited form playing any of these games or going on these websites. They now have put parental control monitors on my computer. I will probably be yelled at for making this but I just want to say goodbye to everybody here I shared time with.
It was very fun while it lasted, I was glad to make some friends.
Happy Easter Everybody :frowning:


sounds like you got some shit parents.


More like 1st April :exclamation:


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I know how it feels. I had the same parents.

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nice joke m8 you almost fooled me

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well i done goofed and forgot about this and posted on another topic lol

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orang got busted

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April first my dudes

That was actually pretty credible by the way you said it.
But of course it’s an April’s Fool,some things sound just too good to be true.

Feeling spicy today metalhead?

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Oh man… I really looked forward to kicking you out of everything…

my parents if it bothers them to see me play super mechs and be in the forum, my mother thought that the forum was whatapp… so if someday it is unpleasant that’s why (:sweat_smile:she always says that I talk to my girlfriends …)
(nothing to do with April 1 … I really mean it)