Well this is unfortunate

So , my laptop charger burnt out , and my laptop is dead :smiley:

Gotta get a new charger but im brOke rip


I don’t understand why are you so happy with that.

Hopefully my brother is happy geting rid of dat lapot lol.

that was sarcasm , because of it i have nothing to do and im bored

My bad.

I don’t know how would i help you…

I will only say #Pray4Techno

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Yes please send me a good phone or a charging cable so i can play

Uhm about dat…
I have one phone.
But it’s broken with glass.

But i can send you a charging cable lol

Go outside already lol


Its raining with a thunder.


Read a book, sleep or something

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Play with real friends.

One does not simply have real friends


Is it me?

Yes i know thank you.

I will try to send you my money saving superpowers.

Wow what a bad luck you are right here I am talking with my charger next to me xD

I’d buy you a new charger if I knew where you are (Yes, that’s how generous I am)

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