Well that's nice

It’s pretty cool. Better than Brutality


It’s barely better than Wendigo, 2 more heat max (same cooling), less total energy at max than either brut/wendigo. The only thing it has on those two is the HP/Exp Resist, those two weighed against this one serve better purposes. Plus they don’t weigh so much.

This Torso’s stats are purely garbage imo, I love the design, but my god, drop it’s weight to 345-350, 362 is just stupid for it. That’s the main reason as to why I’m using the four I got for myth fod rather than as main torsos.

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From my perspective this torso is the best for Physical mechs


  • Most physical players don’t even use a single energy module, meaning that they don’t care about energy, so low energy like this is no worries

  • This torso’s heat is the highest out of all current torsos and the cooling is the highest too (same cooling as Windigo)

  • The HP is 1136 when maxed out, which is higher than Brutality but only 100 less than Avenger


  • The combined resistances number is the lowest out of all torsos, which is 56 compared to 60, at least it’s the highest in heat resistance

  • 362 KG, not really a big problem since it’s only about 10-15 kg higher than other torsos

I mean no offense when I say this, but Avenger, Wendigo, Brutality, fill most roles very well. Much better than this could imo. They also offer more versatility than this one does. I’m open to be shown mechs built with this Torso as a base. But personally I’ll always use the other available Torsos in my builds.

It’s a pure heat torso, but it’s weight is what’s holding it back mainly. High HP, High Heat/CD, High Resist, all perfect. But it doesn’t offer much in comparison.

It is also 21kg heavier than brut, and 16 heavier than wendigo. *

Honestly, I’d consider it if the weight as at least 350.

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The weight IS at least 350…

If Zark torso had 350 weight, it would be overpowered man.

It would be exactly an Avenger torso with ~100 HP less but amazing heat values.

Avenger has bloody pathetic heat values, it’s only worth using if you don’t have (m)any Legendary-Myth HP plates.


To be honest this Zarkares is hotter than the other Zarkares :slight_smile:


I agree with that. Everything must have it’s disadvantages. If the item is too perfect it would be op.

That’s something his comment reminded me of. Completely forgot about it.

I guess I agree with the weight, even if I don’t like how it’s stats are.

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-Most physical players don’t go 0 energy modules. There are a good number of strong energy mechs in the top 100 would wreck almost any zero-energy module physical. The torso is also too heavy to be used by a mech that uses 3 or 4 plates (rather than heat/energy modules).

-Building on the above, 362 kg is quite heavy. With most builds, it’ll be difficult to fit 2 plates and a resistance module.

But yes, it is probably the best core right now for almost any mech that doesn’t have mythical plates. You’ll just likely end up with really high heat/cooling stats and about the same HP as with other cores since it’s so heavy.

The effectiveness of this torso depends on the rest of the mech ie. pyhs, energy, heat

It is an excelent torso for energy.
Also a very competent torso for phis.
The main con on it is the fact that you can only use 2 hp plates. But if those hp plates happen to be myth… well it will turn it into a monster.
Play around with modules, give u a slight hint on using it… use cooldown module instead of heat engine.

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For phys you will have problems with the weight of torso … that is, torso works well with 2 cooling mass booster (2 cooling modules, like windigo), but if you carry hook, charge and 1k. teleport + 2 annihilation and night eagle, you will have to remove an HP plate with any legs…

Therefore windigo and avenger is better, because in any case you will have to reduce the HP to use zarkares. It´s a heavy torso.