Well. Seems like Godzilla is into Account Stealing


So yea. Godzilla.
(If your watching/reading this Godzilla then sorry but this is what I think.)
From what I saw. Your current account is “MagiX.” I thought you made a new account or something. But what you DID do is steal some dudes account (Janet_Mutcher). Now I will say that it was his fault for giving his account info to ya, BUT.
I remember you asking me to give my account to ya (I only go on to chat with peeps. I might start playing again. MIGHT.) Now you were asking for my password. You wanna know why I don’t do any business with “account trading/sharing.”
Because I have experience of what it’s like. I was an amateur at the start of the game. And I can still act like one.
But I have more experience of what you can do. You stole his account and changed his password. You were probably trying to do the same.
You say you wanted to make a youtube channel using my account?
Heck no. Even if I am not playing as much anymore. This account is what I worked on for long enough. Long enough for me to care.
And you just go in and try to steal it? You stolen many accounts. You tried to cover it up with lies.

You brought this upon yourself. YOU are the ONLY person and reason you lost your account.


So many player having the Godzilla Account. They play the part that they are Godzilla. There are a lot of impersonators of Godzilla. Just a month ago, someone telling me they are GodZilla and wanted to share my youtube account. Serious… Well, the Godzilla player is gone to me.


Isn’t MagiX @0ld_Supermechs_User?


he quit and gave his account away from what i heard


Real Godzilla has not played in months. Incorrect data. Impersonators.


@kiira1 is the godzilla that I’m sure you’re talking about. His current account is crepadus. I can confirm he has stolen many accounts and attempted to take some of my own


He tried to take mine and I yeeted on him before he could get my account pass changed


he is on discord,in the jocke official discord server.
also there were 2 godzillas in SM.the high rank one is the real one and the impersinator is lower ranked.
i think real zilla doesnt steal but impersinator is X-RAY hidding.
just my thoughts cus im not expereinced.


no ik fake zilla he is using Ahmad Run acc and WarrMachine and Magix i think but he has stolen soooooooooooo many accounts . something else idk if u guys know CVLGAMING123 but he does the same


How stupid are u lol I’ve been retired off of super mechs for 5 months


And yes I’m the real one had to make a new email


lmao i was not talking about u lol lets see if ur real u know chief magma


Magma is one of my best friends how could I not remember him


why are people love to impersonate someone suffering severe stupidity and autism


guys whos magma lmao :laughing: how u been


hi hello you may have noticed that my post was made a month ago
now you are a necro criminal


is that bad or good hmmm


you shouldnt necro things
(thats comming from a former necro pro)


well idk i did not do nothin bad


look,just dont do it…