Well Ramboy is still putting out

Pilot - Mizhuho - on Kongregate.com just got this - from Ramboy Normal - Who woulda Thunk


d a m n
that’s a sweet payoff.
nice grinding!

I want that, trade that item to me for a piece of gum?

I wish i had it - kool cat on kong chat got it

Honestly I play on Kongregate (Resurgent), and I need this level of luck from RB. Farming it 24/7 and have yet to strike anything that damn decent on my main. :sob:

It’s just weird that even ramboy has a better legendary/item drop rate than big boy ._.


now it only depends on what they want, BG for gold and experience, ramboy for item and more drop rate of a fortune box but … if they only need item for fusion use the 3rd ramboy mission in normal mode spend 2 of energy and the probability that a mix is ​​90% but so far I have not fallen a fortune box so it depends on you