Well it looks like no item portal I suppose


It is already 2:30 in the afternoon in israel, so I think that there will be no portal or free boxes

Unless if they are smart and do it tommorrow so that way everyone can do it, since today most catholics will be gone all day celebrating Easter


are you jewish?


if developers are jewish that means they don t celebrate easter


No, I am catholic
I don’t live in israel either lol, I just looked at the timezones


They’re on Holiday, so don’t expect anything like portals, bonus tokens (buying), 25% off boxes, etc


Thats what I figured
I am calling it now that they will do something tomorrow, though


I’d hope so, kinda want something to do tbh


Bro it’s 11:43 pm in New Zealand here

Did you know we are always first to get everything? Perks of NZ

Like new release of games and movies and clothes etc

Becasue we are literally the first major country in the timezone “circle”


Cool and R A R E
That is a lot of edits there


We really need an item portal for Easter.
Then again,they didn’t give us shit for Christmas…


This is probably because of april fools!they will trick us into thinking that they won’t do anything…


Here in murica, everything’s always late :frowning:

It’s still morning for crying out loud.