Well, it finally happened

I got a fortune box from big boy normal and got a legendary item…

Please ignore all others tabs :3


Ah last I touch you I do not only want to see the letter but what you got

ami also gave me a legendary and it was this

I got Devouring Paws :stuck_out_tongue:

They are good for brutality but I still want proof xD

Nice. Now you can make a “MAXING 5th Item Devouring Paws #SMFAN” video


You know whether or not you say that, someone’s going to do it…

“How to take a screenshot”

You do realize you can take a partial screenshot, dude? (Or crop it out, if you can’t)

Im lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

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What a coincidence I got a legendary Murmur as well

I didn’t take a screenshot sorry

How well can you show me the drone image from the workshop?

I will post when I get home from my computer

I saw Brave Frontier eeeeeeeeee

here you go Antonio_Ortega

I was deciding between the drones Clash or Murmur

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is one of the other tabs: how to make screenshots?

just use a snipping tool :))

Active player in BF, top 2% guild :stuck_out_tongue:


Well shit, I need to get gud then, my guild ain’t even top 50%

Dm me your units and I’ll help you build a sqaud if you want for gr

The Mamur is better because it removes cooling every shift and has the same heat and explosive attack as the other heat drones


20 characteegrcdbfj

i got a legendary from fortune box just then