Well, I'm new and Hello!


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:


Too much players are joinig…
How are you by the way?


Nonsense, Bloody Nonsense.


Welcome to the forums :smiley:


Is that so?..how come you are banned right now?


Henlo frendly peeple. I am an frendly alian. i do nut want to deestroi Orth, but i mae half to becuz of Yeet and DankMementos. tank u for listornung to thy speach.


JK i am not an alien i am a human and they are my frendlies.


Are you yeet?
If you are…pls dont hurt me.


Thy is nut YEET, but he will gRaPe u dont get confuzzled


Crap…i am soo dead…



Yes goodbye freind we shall meet in the not so far future when I am 69 years old and the day is 4/20/69


Gauauuauauauauauauauuauauava is gucci and he is new here


I also have a twin bro as annoying as yours luckily I don’t go to school anymore. but still, he lives at me. nearby me. nearby my house.


Took you 2 months to tell him :joy: