Well, I'm new and Hello!


Hello, I’m new here, I just made this account a few Minutes ago but I’ve been playing SuperMechs for a while now, I just came by here to say Hi to all of you people on the forums!


hello well come to the forum every one is nice on here


Welcome to the forums!


sup, welcome to the…





Hello @Exe, Nice to meet you, Welcome to the




Welcome to the



Jesus what is this stupid font size changing trend here…

Welcome to the forums! This is a useful place, where you can get news about upcoming updates, updates, and give suggestions to the devs.
Just a warning- never talk to @WinzKay. He is an overall terrible person and will ruin your forum experiance


Oh haha good one


Oh… But why is he going to ruin my experience?


He will torment you until you leave the forums out of frustration

I am joking Winz-Kay is in my clan and is very nice to everyone


Now he believes you

I will kill you



no…don’t believe him…@yeet is the one who ruins everyone’s experience!


Please do

Then I won’t have to deal with @Yeet 's shit anymore

To know my pain, just take how much yeet annoys you, then multiply that by 10 and THEN imagine living with him, going to school with him and literally having to be around yeet all the time. That is the pain of having yeet as a twin brother


Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello welcome,
whenever you want to call someone you can tag them like this @ExE


Lol hello @ExE hope you enjoy your time here


Excuse me, I am rather courteous and polite.


are you sure?..you have been banned soo many times…because you were impolite and uncourteous


Welcome to the forums, you’ll get used to the idiocy and learn to embrace and love it possibly even crave it.