Well. I m staying off of Forums for a bit

L4K3 not because that you kicked me out of the clan. I want to try to fly solo.
I will still play the super mechs game. I just decided to get my nose out of forums since it is… I guess you could say it was DESTROYING my learning experience. I have Keystone Exams coming up, and when Keystone exams are over, I will start going into forums again.
I really want a good grade in school, and forums doesn’t help me learn anything other that things in super mechs.
So, bye till then.
Also I will still be posting up the stories of Elemental and the Super Mech Story Zone thing. I will still be adding in chapters whenever I have free time.
K. Cya.


Take some time off and concentrate on your actual life!
You should never let something like this manage your time more than yourself.I wish you the best of luck regarding your exams,too.
Also waiting for the stories you make,as they’re actually pretty entertaining to read.
It ain’t like we kicked you from our hearts!

And btw.
That wasn’t an easy choice.We had a meeting over it and spent quite some time at it.
(I also said I’d never act on my own again if it’s regarding clan matters)

But ofc we remain friends and we can talk about whatever on the forum (after you pass these exams eith a good grade,too),anytime.
It’s just that you’ll have to find another clan unfortunatelly,but we’re still here for you.
It ain’t like we kicked you from our hearts!


I want to see how many people send me a clan request when I go into chat :stuck_out_tongue:


Well thanks. But I also want to know if you can help me with the math problems.
I kinda have trouble with a few parts of math like Square Roots.

Sure,but not now :slight_smile:

I said I am staying off the front page.
I also mentioned how it doesn’t teach me anything other than super mechs, but if you can help me in math through PM it would be great

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Sure,but it’s 1 a.m. for me :laughing:
I could just type but I’d rather send photos so you’d actually understand something.

Pm me anytime.

What in square roots or do y mean surds

okay i think this is happen ing to me this might be why i have a c in one class

No I know what it is.
I just need more help with it

If u tell me what parts i could help u

Just in general.
I got what to do with it but I mean when it comes down to odd numbers like
Square Root of 59

59 would have to go into the decimals… you learn these things in your school?

Yea im in Algebra
Which is 9th grade math when I am in 7th grade

I would help u but im too tired to think of a good example but u break the square root into a whole number and square root number

I’m in “10th grade” where you’re from and there is no need for the teachers to teach this to you so early on lol

Why are they giving irregular square roots already?

Some people in my clas already figured it out.
They geniuses or wut.

E.g square root 27 would be 3 square root 9 when simplified

Well, you could put the square root of 59 into a calculator, and get a irrational number (endless decimal)

You could then put in the number and the first two decimal digits. It isn’t that hard, you just have to understand it. Post some of the problems and I would be happy to help

If it is the square root of 24, and it asks you to simplify without solving, you could do something like this-
This number is not square rootable. So if it asks you to simplify (NOT solve!!!) you would follow these steps:
Even though the square root of 24 can’t be square rooted by itself, there is a square root hiding in it- the square root of 4 (2)
You can factor out √24 into √4 X √6
If you square root the 4, you get 2√6
The six is still factorable, so you simplify it further
2√6 becomes 2√3√2, which is the answer

I am not sure if this is what is covered on your test, o you wll have to post the questions

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You need a calculator to find the roots of non-perfect squares.

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