Well, I guess that clears it up

Some of you were confused about whether or not there was an epic repulser. Here you go.


I don’t think the epic version was ever a question because you can transform the rare into epic. The question was if there is a legendary/myth version.


thank you for clearing it up, Erik. now we know that epic repulser exists.


I’m guessing that the image was just an “artist’s rendition”… the sort of things we see in toy packages where the contents just does not meet with the drawing on the box.

We could always have conspiracy theories on how the developers are holding on to a legendary/mythical version with a 5 knock back… :stuck_out_tongue:

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If I’m not wrong it’s not a theory since someone already posted screens of a mecha with a double barrel repulser.

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Several screenshots of different players with those have been posted, but none of those players respond about if thats a legendary or mythical, and nobody has posted screenshot of stats and info on the weapon. It could just be some dev-made bot accounts to spread that it exists but it not actually being attainable.

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The plot thickens…

Are you sure it is not a legacy item (the double-barrelled ones)?

Well, the design is new, right?

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The day after the Item portal, a special 24H sales provided Double barrel in Premium Box only…
<i didn’t open open one of these boxes>

Is there a difference between the portal-only repulser and the premium box one? aside from the visual difference?

Maybe it’s the legendary one…i’m not sure
I didn’t open these boxes and didn’t battle mech with DoubleBarrel
But free event “rare or epic item”, and special sales “lengendary item”, it seems possible…

Wrong. The picture used for the portal was with 2 barrels, just like the one used for the box. I opened a few premium boxes and received the standard epic one-barrel.

or you’re unlucky, just a supposition like my proposition :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, if im unlucky, so is everyone else that uses the forum. Even the top players that constantly buy boxes and spend a lot of money are still wondering what that gun is or if a legendary and mythical version exists. Its either very rare (that nobody has it besides some randoms that all coincidentally dont use the forum and dont respond in any way when asked) or those are not real accounts


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I think… the same, the new weapon, be it legendary, rare, epic or whatever, it’s nothing out of this world. It serves to move away 3 places, therefore it´s only relatively useful against some phys and heats (only relatively). From energys you are not going to be safe, because energys carry weapons that shot from afar. I placed it in my phys mech, because I had weight, but I had to sacrifice the mythical teleport for that. And the truth is that I have not used it even once, so maybe I’ll put the teleport again, after all it does more damage.

He who has saved an old bully is better and has less weight.

I think we need other more important things like the heat version of the night eagle or the phys drones free energy or the 2 uses hook (because since nerfed, at least they could have given them 2 uses). And above all we need to modify HP’s epic plates and give them at least the chance to become legendary.


Desolation, that energy thingy, I’m pretty sure all types have a 4-8 range weapon. It’s pretty much useless, unless the 4-8 range weapon is all used up. (Desolation only has 3 uses, but even then, it’s ineffective if the enemy has two of them)