Well. I guess I should introduce myself

So… yeah. I know I have been dwelling in the Tacticsoft comunity for about 5 or 4 months. When I first started, I jumped right onto an idea without introducing myself (Topic was Half energy half heat drone.). I guess it really never came to mind. Right now, my in game name is Kn0YTViper. So whenever you see me, we could do a little battle.


Welcome! Have me already met?

Yes we have xD

Click bait :smiley:

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allow me to put this into the off-topic introduce yourself, as I assume you have been here for a while?

Yes if you want. You can put it in off topic since I was here for about 5 months and I have no idea why I have put this “Introduce yourself” when I was here for about 5 months. KiLL dIs T0p1c.

Then, I still didn’t understood which mech are you piloting.
You made a lot of mess about accounts here on the forum and everytime something changes.
You are Kn0YTViper, then you’re not him anymore and the guy who stole your account is spamming scam tokens message in chat, then you’re JA2, then you are Kn0YTViper again.


Yeah. But I am pretty sure most of the other accounts I made are controlled by me, and the other account, one that was stolen, is not coming back. The dude who took my account gave it to Jemie Master, which then his Jemie account got stolen, so then he went onto my [Vipers Prey] account to say protests. After that, I don’t think he is coming back to super mechs. I mean, he might come back.