Well! I got promoted! Again!

Duggatron3000 is in da house!!
Um, you know what, never mind.
So, I decide to check on the forums because why not. So I see a little blue ‘1’ next to the awesome face with a tongue sticking out. so I click on it, and it’s like:
So I got promoted again!
You know, I would write more posts, but nothing interesting enough is happening to me, in the game AND in real life. But, if something interesting DOES happen to me, I will try to write a post about it. Anyway, I don’t know where I’m going with this, so bye!


This is normal :3

no it isn’t


And after some time and activity, you could get promoted to TL3

Even more power XD

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That makes it sound like I want to rule the world…


Good luck getting yourself to to TL3 then XD

Considering you just got promoted to TL2…

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Yeah. Once I If I get promoted to TL3, then then that’s probably it, because the only way to get to TL4 is by manual promotion by staff member.

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I’m the one who is always around, but haven’t been on the forums for very long. So I am like some sort of regular-member.