Well....I F#cked up big time

Well,Long story short,my Original Acc Got Stolen Cause i Got Scammed,His SM name was i think DEATHRAIDER or something but my acc nickname is xXR.O.B.O.TXx so please get him XD
im such an idiot for falling for that stupid token scam XD good thing that acc is weak

Can you please explain what the token scam is? It might help someone else not get trapped on it.


“Hey give me your account username and password, I give one gazillion tokens… and a free hat!”


There are people that fall for that? Omg

You’d be surprised, Kaen…

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I’m fine with your regular Joe falling for it, but a guy with an anonymous pfp :open_mouth:

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Alright,im a gullible motherf#cker
His name isnt probably DEATHRAIDER anymore
but im pretty sure that my name is still xXR.O.B.O.TXx
just ban this player and all of his other acc, thatll satisfy me XD

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Usual scamed account average week on SM is around 100.
Well guess you are a statistic now.
Maybe they should make a warning bigger and flash in colors so people actualy read it.
Second of all, you wanted free stuff … that actualy cost money, and you wanted them for free.It is your own fault for takeing part in the scam.
Even if he would have the posibility of giving you free tokens(hacked/cheated) and then give your account back… you are just as bad as him… a cheater and a scamer… cause you would scam tactisoft and the other players that pay or grind their ass off.
I dont have any pitty nor am i solitair to your happening since your intentions were illegal to begin with.

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