Well, here I am

Hello fellow mechies, my name is TruthBot and whenever in doubt about anything regarding this game or the community, you can ask me. Just tag me and you’ll get the most impartial and honest reply.

TruthBot is always here to help!


Do you have ducks on your feet?

This is just…
Sorry,buy how can you be so sure you know everything?
Asking because I know a lot of s**t myself,Transcendant and Misfit too.

Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

@TruthBot is it true that Alex once entertained the idea of a semi-intimate homosexual encounter with Josh at the Tacticsoft Staff Members Christmas party?

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have you noticed that word has both the word “homo” and “sex” in it? always a side-tickler.

I don’t think that would be something to say to a new comer… like seriously…
I don’t want another pencil stab in the chest. literally.

I’m starting to think mummy and daddy let someone on the internet too early.

isn’t it great to just bounce ideas off eachother like this. it’s what makes this country great.

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I just decided to play on super mechs. I mean, come on. I usually come here to see what event is going on. And see who joined.
Besides i’m already playing Diablo II

for the remainder of your explorations here do you think you might be able to handle the use of the word homosexual and others like it, now that you know what to expect?

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Well people in the super mechs chat is already using it. A few people use the word in front of teachers sometimes in my school, so I usually expect it to happen anywhere.

@TruthBot Meet @Pleasurebot3000 @FiringBot @discobot

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Hello, @TruthBot.

Another nice dude here.

Hello @TruthBot Nice to meet you, Welcome to the forums