Well, atleast I'm not alone now

Our clan went from cyanine, -talos- (alt) and “i am speed 1” (speedrun acc, later gave to someone), to this lol

And no this is not a recruitment thread, we’re full bois


short note :

it was a mistake giving me 6 attacks my pendejos



I got this boy in my clan

Who this


a p2w guy probably…

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It’s a clan medal ? yvtyuh

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Back to old pfp @YGGM


Which country … some more tips ?

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I know a p2w when i see one

Yesss, @YGGM must stay stereotypical YGGM. These new weird pfp’s weird out everyone :neutral_face: :yum:

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What new pfps you’re talking about ?

for me, stereotypical YGGM is either cat/kitten pfp, OR another one that is clearly not always suitable for forums
or, depending my mood, dark humor-pictures too

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That’s it, anime girls profile pics count in as well~

Gives that specific knowledgeable moody otaku feeling to it. Sturdy Nerd stuff.
Really liked the one with a girl showing mid finger haha ~ ^^

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heh, that too

fun fact: using it as pfp was once a dare

But really, my pfps depends on what I find in my PC/Internet, and my mood

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do they still allow you to have the same name as the other person like I can have the name bestplayeroftheworld but the real one also does

i mean you can ask to change your name


? say zarkares is some random noob and cyanine is a pro, so i change my name to cyanine in the game and idk if the system allows it or not

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i know what you mean im not a noob mehn

but i dont know

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ohh now you made some clarifications

in-game, sure. in the forums, idk

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