Welcome to the world of physical mechs

welcome to the world of physical mechs. we are now the most powerful mechs of the heat and energy mechs.
Emp and heat bomb got nerf.
I’m sorry heat, i’m sorry energy


who’re you???


Did you purposely put this in BattleDawn?

Sorry :slight_smile:
Characters limit

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Finally…I am a Physical player myself… We will rule SM!!

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yay, time to build phys mechs

We werent that bad even before the nerf, were we?
Welcome back @Lannister :wink:

Btw, everybody talks, everybody get agitated. The thing didnt even happen yet. Mohadib is a great room warmer aint he?

got heat bomb and emp nerfed?
didn’t noticed…

Nerf has been anounced but not implemented to this day…

ah ok…because they just killing me as efficiently as before…

We, The physical mechs, Survives even after the EMP and Heat Bomb apocalypse!

Good, I have a HULK style physical mech in the back garage, gonna start upgrading that.

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Whats a hulk style build? If you dont mind…

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You know, the player HULK’s phys build with a Desert Fury.

So whats the build???

hulks build

But with Rolling Beasts and Windigo.

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Good stuff…
20 good stuffs

Or unless I have the courage to try the “Nerfed” Claw…

Hugers might be a problem for this build. But for now we can only assume. Wait for the roll out and make a testing campaign (or wait for feedbacks here)

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