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Solo el Teleport X2 es old-mítico, todo lo demás es del Update


Weak against energy…

edit: Gave you a like :slight_smile:

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Looks beautifull!
But as @Dwightx said, once you come across ANY energy mech, even rank 2 or 3, you are just toast. Regen at level 64 is just terrible… @ToxicDoll, here is another victim for you to devour! In every other aspect, great job!!!

64 energy regen is to low, even your energy capacity is 300, it will depleted instantly if you fight someone with 2 new myth coldfire, well its also doesn’t stand a chance with mech equipped with 2 ultra bright or 2 malice beam , its good again other physical mech though

Once you can get a legendary/ mythic resistance module you can replace one of the separate resistance modules with a max energy engine it will be much better. When you get a plat plate you can add a 2nd energy engine. Im super jelly of the maxed energy storage unit I do not have one I did not even know they existed. Your mech is a beast though vs other physicals and heaters. I have found you can only really be strong vs 2 types or mediocre vs all 3. I have problems with really strong heaters and other super strong energy types. I think your design is very good as energy types are rarer than physicals and heaters.

efectivamente me faltan los modulos de vida legendarios XD!

This is my module set.
and the numbers i get from it
I still have a lot of room to grow too.


Eventually once people start getting stronger my weakness will be 0 energy high hitpoint physicals. But by that time I hope to be playing 3 type 3v3 i think in the end 3v3 will be a more balanced game than 1v1.

probablemente igual :3

I dont think so. once people have 3 very strong mechs one of each type they will be able to use type advantages. There will be a lot more strategy in 3v3 than 1v1

el tiempo dirá, estoy preparando mis otros 2 mechs XD!

Yes it will! :stuck_out_tongue: I too am working on my other 2 as well.

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500 Heat LOL

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my clunge meister in all it’s glory.


nice mice fat rat mechs :smiley: