Welcome back you filthy Brit


Image result for someone biting something


welcome back trapscendant!


Thank you~ uh hopefully this doesn’t get me in trouble, Elcy told me no welcome back threads. Dunno if this counts. But thanks nontheless~



I love you trans



i can see welcome, o no


This sucks, can’t access discord now.


Welcome back, bud!


And here i though that traps gonna get silenced and never return.
I was wrong i guess.
Happy to see you on forums,welcome back mate.


Uhhh do I know you?


I’m calling the police Elcent right now…

jk, welcome back, even tho we kept in touch for the whole time xD Now u gib me likes


That reminds me to someone who lost 18 times to me, and won only 2 times … :joy:


The man already replaced this thread in the “introduce yourself” section. Very pro active these days.

Side note: sorry Elcent, didnt know you gave directives against a welcome back thread. Lack of awarness is forgivable i guess.


Well to be fair, it was at me. Didn’t say others could do it :thinking:

(heh workarounds are fun)



  • So where did you go? Barnville?
  • How long were you in the barn?
  • Was the barn comfortable?
  • Why did the barn master forbid you to make a welcome back thread?

Welcome back, I hold no grudges.



Lol, good one Winz Kay! Baby looks like a zombie about to bite Transcendant’s hand.