Welcome back! - Kay News #1


Welcome to Kay News!

This time on Kay News, we have the weekly battle once again won by the members of Trolls Fast for the place of 3rd! Whoa~ I have never seen such a tight and adrenaline pumping ending to the season!
Well done to Little Lost Your Lost for being the fun rival that we strive to beat every week. We couldn’t have won without you :+1:

Who else has noticed the quietness in arena and forums?



Welcome back, please accept my sportsmanshipful hand of…uhh…welcoming people back :smile:


Would you look at that!


Lazy does get work done! Ghost clan in the lead for doing… that’s right… NOTHING! Laughing my ass off

On another note: check out the things @Dwightx says for no reason in clan chat as the ever growing comic relief:

Everyone enjoying their Black Friday and Thanksgiving? I sure hope you do! See you next time I feel like doing Kay News… Your host, Kay, is signing out. Goodbye :wave:

I had a thought of making a news paper for sm news


Most colourful likes I’ve ever received


Now there’s Black and White.

Astounding work! 1.0/10 Would watch again! :rofl: :partying_face:


Pretty cool thread idea.
I wish you’d do this every week :laughing:


wheres the weather report?!!?!

i need to know if im gonna get rained on by other mechs


Noted, will make sure to add sports and weather next time XD


I love it.
Lot of work if you wanna keep it running.
Whats the pitch? Weekly??


Eh, when I feel like it or when something spectacular happens lol

These are all events that I saw happened today so… could be occasional day updates


I like those photos Peter Parker, ill give you 200 dollars


Kay News by Winz The Reporter…


tl;dr pls


:arrow_up: Kids these days… they have the attention span of a Twitter feed!

Enjoyable read @Winz_Kay

Go Trolls!!!


Trolls fast will do it again :exclamation:



Maybe even 2nd, depending on :exclamation:



I actually dont know what is our lead, the SM app on phone is not working.