💐 Welcome and Congratulation Gato Games

:bouquet: Welcome (back) at SuperMechs Gato Game and its staff members :exclamation:

Congratulation Gato Games on getting a great game SuperMechs :exclamation:

Well done :exclamation:

I trust @Alexander 100%, he never did anything strange, the opposite, he was always open and took always his rare time to solve issues and has … as we just saw … on open ear and mind for the players and their concerns :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I tursted Liran 100% cos the same as with Alex, always open and straight, never told any fairy tales and made as well great decisions for the players :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I could never say the same about the “new” tacticsoft team, cos too much strange things happened :exclamation:
@SilverBox is to mention very positiv in this case, he is a great exception about, and thank you SilverBox for your very nice “Good Bye”, it made me smile, you know why :exclamation:


That said I wish Gato Games and all their staff members ALL the best possible … personal and with the game / all their games :exclamation:

Special to @Alexander :exclamation:, who did a LOT for SuperMechs in the past, even it was not his job anymore for some time, so the game SuperMechs “fall” into the right hands again :exclamation:


I just would wish Ilona & Liran could have a “come back” at SuperMechs :heavy_heart_exclamation:
@Alexander … try to get them on the boat of Gato Games, wow when I think about, it is still Liran’s “Baby” :baby: :exclamation:

About me … after dominating this game for years, its time to go on with …, will tell soon more about, just now … I will be glad IF you need any informations / inputs @Alexander to help, so SuperMechs will have a great “”“restart”"" again :exclamation:

Thats it :exclamation:

A fast poll …

We players, who love to play SuperMechs Welcome Gato Games as new owner of SuperMechs …

  • Yes :bouquet:

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I would suggest to start with a new forum as you mentioned :exclamation:

Kinda like …

  • new owner of SuperMechs

  • new hope for SuperMechs

  • new forum for SuperMechs



I dont think people would want a new forums

wat about our badges;c


True lol. I think that this forum is fine as it is.


The forums may be dissected in a strange way and the theme may seem a bit run-down after all of this time… But this place is essentially the stem of the game and its community. Removing or changing it would likely affect the community as a result, so we should keep the roots and stem of the game and cherish it for what it is, even if it is flawed in one way or another.


where is the other option

I am with the thoughts from Alexander … a “Fresh Start” :heavy_heart_exclamation:


In this world, there is no No. There is only Yes and Yes.

If you read the Gato forums, they don’t want to merge, as they usually get drowned about by SM stuff. Likewise, I don’t think we want to merge as we will hear all this non-SM related stuff. I think it’s cleaner to leave separate…


Never said anything about a “merge” … also here I am 100% with Alexander …


Why did you tag him 5 times in the span of 2 minutes?


why not, changes that are good for the player are never bad.
the future will show what comes out of it.
Well then, get on the bacon.

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I am used to it to talk to the ex-staff of SuperMechs and now again staff of SuperMechs this way (always did), and they never ever told me that this is a problem for them, they would tell me 100% if it would be :exclamation:


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Oh, ok. Just seems excessive to me, but I suppose it is fine if they do not mind.

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Also, its meant in a very positiv way and Alexander sure know that :exclamation:
I don’t know if you know Alexander as well as I do, but he is a honest open mind man who has a sense for justice and fairness :exclamation:

And I like that a LOT :exclamation:



I do not know him well, but he certainly seems like a great guy from what I know.

  • keep old discourse forum
  • new discourse forum
  • new forum with new host website

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Gato simp.

Think about it! you can’t vote now without knowing what the new forum will look like

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