Weko News! form Scientist!


what do you think about our new planet? :thinking:
our current planet is Earth right? and it’s gonna explode some day
and humanity have 4 chance for our new “Home!”
all of them is moon in our Solar System! and Mars!
Saturn’s moon named as Enceladus and Titan
Jupiter’s moon named as Europa :thinking:
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#Btw! Weko News is a random News form TV! (This is serious!)


This shall be on off-topic


:thinking: Weko can change it now? and how?


I think rather than worrying about colonising other planets and eventually destroying them too, we should concentrate on fixing ours.


i doubt humans will leave earth, we will murder ourselves faster


Why do you hate Weko News? @WinzKay

I know, Weko copied you!:joy:



I just don’t like Weko talk


Weko’s text style is really similar to Zewole LOL!


it´s kind of weird right.