Weirdest s*** you read in chat

Hello! I’ll just share the weirdest crap I’ve seen from the chat. I’ll update it once in a while when I find new weird messages. You can also PM me screenshots so I can add it here. :slight_smile: Though there are some stuff you have to know. Make sure the player’s name is censored because reasons.

Here goes…


Hey! I was there too :smiley:


We over at BD have something kina like this, a “Funny Moments” topic (please don’t scroll through it :sob:)

Perhaps SM could get one too ye?

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I guess it could. But honestly it wouldn’t be too much. Usual funny stuff is:

200 damage shotgun rolls
1 damage shotgun rolls

So yeah. Best we have is the “unique” chat SM has. :wink:

lol that’s bout half the posts on the bad side honestly. Just side chats showing nobody moments in life. Mostly about tragic. :joy:

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Prolly in the old og NCR chat tht shit made me realise some people were on a level of retarded i hadnt yet seen.

How did I not see this gold nugget of a thread before? :astonished: