Weird Mission Pickup Glitch


So I was playing through a level and then this happened. As seen below, the mission hp pickup disappears even though I never clicked on it and I was not in auto mode.

After tanking the buggy, the pickup randomly disappears. Looking at it now, the pickup used itself after the battle and gave me back only 50 hp.


i wish there was a vid of it doing that


That mission is my favorite. I use to reload for that one so many times, years ago when you were able to change the mission as you complete the campaign.


Hey, bro, thanks for letting us now about that bug
Did it happen 9-10 hours ago, right?


Yeah, and its happened many times since, too.


thanks, @SM_PLAYER
Devs know about this bug from now on :slight_smile:


ok if i find any more bugs ill let you know