Weird blank item bug?

Sorry to @ you again @Sarah247 but I have never seen this before… this was opening a silver box that was stored in my boxes tab after inventory was previously full, and I watched an add for the extra card… this is what came up.

Ah I hadn’t seen that topic. I’ve watched a lot of videos for box, I wonder what triggered it

I’ve posted it just in case, there was no solution there either.
I had experimented the same bug once, no sure clue about what triggered it; if I’m not wrong the ad failed that time and that was the result.
It may be the same happened to you?

Yes I had already watched many ads for tokens until it said “No further rewards are available at this time” or something like that, then the extra card came up and I watched one, got the same message.

So probably its just that we are no longer eligible for any reward for the time being but the card graphic is already there?

^ most likely this.

This is like the tenth post about this, It’s getting annoying… Not being mean to Dub here

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The game has a few bugs. Some small and others big. Small as this or as the one which changes rank in campaign. Big as the bug that allows restart of campaign and is incredible that has not yet been solved.

Problem, however, I think is not what you see, because what you see, you can pretty much keep under control. Problem, for me, can be in what is not seen, maybe there is something, some error that prevents, for ex., that some players obtain certain items.

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