Weight - The Claw

@Sarah247 @Mohadib @jonny

There is a new bug …

Before the weight from The Claw raised from Legendary 109 kg to Mythical 169 kg, which is logic, because otherwise it would be the MOST OP item ever :exclamation:

… but now today a bug appeared and let the weight stay during the change from Legendary to Mythical or/and lowered the weight in general for that Mythical item to 109 kg :exclamation:

Can you fix this ISSUE / BUG please :exclamation:


Before the weight from The Claw raised from Legendary 109 kg to Mythical 169 kg - now it was changed to stay at 109 kg :question:


Or just state that the Game finishes NOW :exclamation:

  • new best item … The Claw

  • Top Players (a lot, not all) had NO CHANCE to get it with Item Portal, doesnt matter how much time and money they invested

  • @tacticsoft REDUCED now the weight :question:

:question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question:

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I need to see the pic…ja?

Found by @lordgorgon

I hate people not receiving credit even though it may be nothing so here you go

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Wtaf. Read properly DuhgIddfjCjfjndfK


Credit for finding a bug Lol…

Btw, i think the change to 169 was a bug.


Actually,I kinda hate people too sometimes.
Especially smurfs.
Now…I’ll hate the sentry smurfs that will use these legs even more.
With that health and the core stats they will get (due to the extra space for modules) they won’t even need to keep track of their weapons’ element or even on what they click.

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What’s wrong with you? :man_facepalming:


Nothing, @WinzKay is just a little hater, trying to go everywhere here in the forum against me, but every single time he hit himself, special in this case as @KilliN said absolutly correct …

@lordgorgon mentioned it in a thread :exclamation:

I reported it in Bugs & Issues, because if this change would be on purpose from tacticsoft = GAME would be BROKEN :exclamation:
My great expierence (watch my Single Gold Medals) let me predict this :exclamation:

So trying to talk about “to give credit” about a report … is pretty Goofy :exclamation:


Yeah, you’re great and important. At least that explains these shitloads of emoticons instead of interpunctuation… But congratulations on starting this very important discussion - at least you had your chance to point out your very importance :joy:


I think the Bug is Upgrade from legendary with 109 kg of weight to mythical with 169 kg of weight.
And now they fixed it.

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Who gives a crap about who made this discovery about a game bug? Its not like a fucking scientific article or discovery where it really matters.

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Sound good, but then please explain us WHY this same “bug” is NOT fixed about the … Spartan Carnage :question:


spartan has been fixed. previously stuck at legendary, i guess now it can be upgraded to mythical.

But it somehow lose weight through transform…

It’s ~70kg to ~55kg (I forgot the numbers, but it’s around that)

Nope, the weight difference between Legendary any Mythical from Spartan is still NOT fixed :exclamation:

But I see, you having The Claw try to protect the weight reduction, but hey this LOW weight would be ridiculous - a GAME BREAKER :exclamation:

If you want this, your thing, but sure not mine :exclamation:


oh I just found out that it’s different weight after upgrade. maybe we should tell @Sarah247 and @Mohadib . yes I got the claw 5 minutes before the portal closed, I spent 800 tokens.

79 to 51 I think…

And you know what??!

One of the in game tips states that
Transforming an item Never changes it’s weight. The new item is always superior!

Nah TS… I don’t think so.

And now because of the bugged bug the people with the claw are extremely OP.


My bet is that this bug will only be fixed right after the drop rate increase in boxes sale is over
Money > bug fixing

That would be within the game’s mentality…
Here sale come get the Claw…
Players emptying their creditcard…getting it.
Then comes the fix… 189kg.
Or it never comes… who knows?
Or even better… since i see this item very similar to the ultracooling module… actualy identical to it…
Player empty their wallets… finaly get it… then SM Revolution is launched… a new episode of reloaded.
Similar to the Matrix series :
Matrix —>Matrix Reloaded–>Matrix Revolution.
SM --< SM Reloaded–<SM Revolution.
Ps: if this happens… i will start offering predictions on soccer results, tennis results, chess results, etc, for illegal bets.Also will provide all the corect numbers for lottery on all countries… for free… and change my nick to El Predictore.


and in this post , a new hero was born , El Predictore