Weight related poll


Hi guys
well ill explain my ideas 1 by 1 with polls to see what could be a good adition or change to the game
so this is the first

weight categories
insted of a general category all vs all that requires a lot of work to the server why dont better put categories with their own ranking? that way find a simillar player would be easier and also more interesting for newbies
if you want to keep your actual weight nice, but if you wanna be lighter or heavier just modify your mech and go to a ranking battle, then your rank would be reseted and youll be on a new category, if you just want to test just dont do it on ranking battles
that way you choose your build depending on your experience and that way players with no myths could shine on their own level
categories would be:
more than 1300
that way players could have their strategy beyond the actual limits[poll public=true]

  • Agree with Categories idea
  • Disagree, i like how its now
  • Agree but with some changes

How is this possible?

The only problem I see is that it would be much harder to find someone in 2v2 or 3v3.


well the weight would be obviously expanded with a x2 or x3 multiplier so as i see a lot of people would be more motivated to play multi because it would be with similar oponents and people would make mechs without caring to much of mythicals and yeah for the actual 1000 this would be like if theres no changes
thanks x your vote and opinion n.n


I agree. This would be a great change. I have one-shotted far too many mechs with my OP weapons. And I’ve been rekt going up against a mech that has double my hp.


I love the idea, but it wouldnt be so simple to implement.
Perhaps there is another way(s) to match up with better suited opponents?


Honestly, this sounds EXACTLY like the old system. In before, there were different levels to choose, so you are in a different “category”. If you’re using level 20 items, you are in the “Level 20 Category” and you’ll be chosen to fight an another player that also plays the Level 20 Category.

I really don’t know why they removed that though. :confused:


Really? i start last christmas so i dont know how was before
but it sounds better
i think maybe they was just looking to make it simple or because we are a little number of active players
I really wished to test this game on beta, well it still feels like a beta but anyway i still feel this game have a lot to grown up


I would probably vote for reweighting some items. Compare the needle blaster 1/2 and the metal shredders. Does anyone see the problem?


yeah needle blaster its too heavy comparedto metal shredder it needs to be underweighted
but thatits something to fix on balance