Weight Problem solution


PLs Make the maximum weight limit to be 1100. To get extra weight limit, Have to purchase with 300 tokens. It will help boost sales of tokens. And also make a offer of 2 Mythical chest for 10 dollar. Wheres the colour btw?


Go away.


Why do mediocre players don’t understand there are plenty of spenders and increasing weight would benefit them not you.
(Unless your are heavy spender)


He’s clearly a noob that cant make a good mech because 85% of the mythicals are trash and he MOST likely plays for free. (spending 10-50$ is still playing for free, as that gets you nothing). A heavy spender has all sorts of OP crap, they dont need more weight.




Hey I do not think the weight limit is right, the other players do not care because they are league 1, 2 or 3 many people are different and the highest ranking should not insult the lower range for asking something like this , It is true that most of the mythic objects do not serve much but there are other objects that if they serve up to the modules that would come to save the life to one in battle and anyone who is high league is a loser since this would benefit both Parts both as a player and the creators of supermech, so the high rank but like an idea that another callense player.



Ok Lets imagine we removed the weight limit
What will happen , You will lose even more, because they are so many players who spend money
You can use all your myths but they can use most of their myth too and you will be crushed mercilessly
And that was not an insult , just an opinion of experienced players



at llleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeast 20 characters


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