Weight limit & upgrades


make it where you can use tokens to increase weight limit and let you use one higher grade to upgrade a lower grade like an epic upgraded with a legendary or mythical to get the epic to legendary


You can already do these things.

But why do you want to do these things?


it’s quite simple the weight limit puts to many limitations and the upgrade is just to get an easier way to get a higher grade in case you don’t have any items on the exact level


no,with this limit noobs cant spam u need to think to a strategy accept it !


Deal with it.
You can fit one good mech with only 1000 kg
Also your 2nd idea is in the game already.


1000 kg is for strategy. There are limitations.

Any increase in weight will cause the game to go wonky even more than it is now.

Look at the top players. They are doing fine with just 1000 kg so why can’t you?


Hmm weight limit
If I am getting this right
I will be the most strong player coz I will just drop 5000$ at once
But still no coz it will ruin the game


Even 1001 total weight can make a difference


U have alot to learn bro
Have a bit patience coz once u reach higher ranks u will see what 1000kg can do


i understand his pain
in lower ranks it could be difficoult to make the 1000 kg really usefully to fit
with optimal items…
(since we can not buy it in the shop anymore)


First off.


And also. That “token to weight” seems a bit suspicious. Almost as if you are talking as you want another use for tokens.
If more people complained about this, forums would have been flooded with topics saying “raise weight.”
I also get the feeling that this could further divide p2w players and f2p players. p2w peeps could just buy tokens and use that to increase their weight tremendously. This is something not needed either, because what is the point of more weight, when you can make a good mech with 1000 weight? Work out areas of need on your mech, and go into the “General Thread - Build Help.” Here’s the link to that topic.
You don’t need to pack in all 6 weapons at a time. My mech has 3 weapons, and it is doing fine as it is.
So really, this “token to weight” idea doesn’t affect the game at all. This game is about strategy and builds.
Not an easy “pack OP weapons with more weight” thing.