Weight for psyhical too low

nightfall,annihilation,nighteagle his three epic weapon that you can find in a box mix his weapon must be heavier as his he could adjust 500 heat and 500 energies with 2400hp plus shield

Nope,that’s not possible.
I have a mech with 3 weapons,2 heat engines,1 cooling booster,charge,hook,void and 5 plates.
2339 hp,500+ heat,250+ cooling and no energy.
It’s not weight,it’s called “using your brain”.
And no,It’s not that easy.
For such a build you’d need many premium items.
Not the weight is the problem here.


Haha “funny”

Physical players complain Energy is to strong :exclamation:

Energy players complain Physical is to strong :exclamation:

Who is right :question:



Heat players


It’s easier for me to make a heat mech than a physical mech that’s breaking your head …

its not fair physical have 500 heat 500 energy shield grab teleport you can all fill the module in addition to the accessory

The weight is good you just have to know how to use it well you will not fill all your armament mech and modules

I am jake666666 top 20 I know how to adjust

Is it like this …

or more like this …



nightfall,annihilation,nighteagle his three epic dont forget this

No,they don’t.
I have high health,high hp but no teleport and no energy modules for example,because I can’t fot anything anymore.

Such a physical as you stated above would have low hp unless it has premium items on it.

If you put a lot of something you sacrifice something else (Basic Law of Survival of SM)


Idk what he’s trying to argue about.
I’ll just mute this thread,phys are okay right now (though they can do 1000 damage/turn which is a little broken but that doesn’t regard weight as he said above).


Those that are broken are energy type in my opinion

Strange… I have a heat mech that is good against energy mechs as I can force them into cooldown before receiving an energy break myself most of the time.
But in exchange my heat mech loses easily to pure physical mechs with good heat stats.
That is kind of strange…
As I usually read heat is supposed to be good against physicals and weak to energy…


Nothing like a good ole shit post after a nap to make you question why some people play this game and complain about shit that’s been complained about before. lmao



i would get pissed if it got raised

Build mech with 2.4k health 500+ ele and heat cap and don’t complain


Roasted PERIOD.

I was able fit in a teleport, with a dual nightfall build and one annihilation. Also a night eagle. Torso being Zakares. He says to raise the weight of them EVEN WHEN ANNIHILATION ALREADY WEIGHS OVER 60. SO WHAT HE WANTS IT TO RAISE IT UP TO 70 OR 80 LIKE SUPREME CANNON? No thank you. Just, just no.