Weight Changes and other ideas


I have been playing this fantastic game for quite a while now and one thing that has plauged me the most is weight. Not to say It has been a bad addition but it feels like it could have been much more. There should be different weight capacities for different legs. For example; the magma barriers (my favorite legs) should have a higher carrying capacity but a lower walking distance, and vice versa for the flame boots and other lighter type of legs. The usa transporter (or other wheel based legs) should be able to adapt to weight changes. If you have your house and a nuclear arsenal on your mech you won’t be able to walk very far and have a lower stomp damage. But if you have a lower amount of weight on your mech it will be able to jump/walk further and do more stomp damage. There should also be kits allowing your mech to be able to carry more weight and walk further (probably titled hydrolic kits). Lower level legs should carry less and higher level legs should be capable of higher carrying capacities.

Do you remember the repair drone? I sure as hell don’t because it is terrible. Maybe there could be more variants to the drone like a cooling drone; this drone would be able to cool your mech without having to waste a turn on cooling. Or maybe a resistance drone. I assume it is pretty self explanatory.

I know these changes don’t just happen and the developers need lots of time but I am just using this forum to its fullest extent.

Also, I would like to thank you for reading this and making one of the best mobile games in existence. I have been playing this game almost since it was created and thought I would take a shot at doing more that just playing it. At this point I am just rambling so I will just cut it short here.


tried to actually read it

really? we recently had messages about exchanging your mobility/per-turn actions for weight and vice versa…

so, you are offering to link those changes to legs… that actually logical, but it will somewhat limit mech creation options, compared to not linking change with anything


I felt like the legs in the game were a bit plane and needed a little bit more thought than just the walking distance and stomp damage. I’m not saying what I said is perfect and you bring up a fair point but this is just my side or view on the situation.


well, legs really should be more important.
in past, legs also had function simular to torso’s, defining base HP, energy/regen and heat/cooling of mech. Now, however, they only have movement, stomp damage and a small bonus of hp (never exceeding 72 and not being upgradable). Fixing this would be indeed good


I was also thinking that maybe there could be perks that you could receive with a mythical item rather than just obscenely high stats.