Weight Capacity

Here’s the issue. Limiting the mech weight to 1,000 kg doesn’t make any sense at all.

What I think should happen is that the mech’s legs have a weight capacity, because, of course, legs are what keeps the bloody thing standing. Mech legs should have different weight capacities, though some might overlap. The better, more sturdy, and legs that have the best springs should have the highest weight capacity, and vice versa.

There is no need of increase in the weight limit ! and everything would have a weight !

This Is What Would Happen If The Weight Limit Was Removed!

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once again. Just giving more weight cap is signature idea of newbies

as I remember, when I first saw there is weight cap in the game, I did not complain. Of course I dreamt abt having 1200 limit and pwning everyone else…

…thats when I got idea of “heavy mech”, which I already mentioned several times before on this forum. Idea is that you can get extra weight cap… at cost of something no less valuable. Namely, your speed in combat. If you sacrifice 1/4 of your actions (and have only one action every other turn), this probably could be decent payment for more items equipped. Could even add extra module slot for that mech.

it makes sence because it allows us to have balanced mechs and not be damn op. You are given this 1K KG thing do build a op mech under that circumstance

Listen, I’m not complaining about the 1 ton weight cap it’s just that it makes no sense! I’m not saying I’d like a higher weight cap, I’m just saying that limiting it to 1 ton for no obvious reason makes no sense! Legs are the base of the whole robot, and therefore should be responsible for the weight cap.

Let the legs drag the weight! I know it’s supposed to balance the efficiency of mechs, but legs can do that too! You can have some that are useless but have a lot of weight cap, and then you can have others that have a terrible weight cap but are extremely tough and agile! If you use my method, you can always change your mech weight cap but it won’t always be so OP!

I have a better idea let the drone be responsible for weight capacity

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Nonono, I HAVE A GAME BREAKING IDEA! (oh… the game’s already broken… let’s just call it a “special™ idea” then…!)

So, my FANTASTIC idea!


So, my FANTASTIC idea (actually this time… maybe)!


Let YOUR opponent be the one responsible for YOUR weight, so you need to rebuild your mech every time before a battle/match can start at all… :joy:

######Oh, and don’t forget the 30 seconds time limit!

I don’t know what am I doing with my life. You neither. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Wow You’re a Genius :cry:
Very Good Minion

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ayy that ninja edit, BUT I SAW YOU

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