Weekly Ranking List Has Been Reset?

Why The Weekly Ranking List Has Been Reset?

??? what you mean ? now ?


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gets reset every friday

Friday And This Is SATURDAY

I have no clue then…

No. It´s the same. No refresh.

Well… there are mistakes, but no refresh…

Oh I see now, they splitted SuperMechs in different servers (again) and on one, there it says “weekly ranking list has been reset” instead of the timer !

Seems they have again all under control !


And this is what a veteran player means… knowing that down deep inside… you wanna smash the pc/phone after evry glitch/bug that robs you of a reward/gold/box/win etc… and haveing the urge to get on the forum and bash the life out of supermechs… but you know better as a veteran player… that that wont help.
Yet you still hope for that day when an uptade runs flawlesly… and eveybody is happy… and people play for fun and the devs listen to you and happy happy joy joy… but on another game… not this one
:))…:))…:))… they are constant in this matter at least.
Not a single update