Weekend Sale Issue

nothing happened. i was buyed one premium box and its gived me a hysteria

EDIT: ok i am taked cargo. thanks

Thanks for thinking to players who got “fooled” by the description, but I still got nothing :slight_smile:

I bought only one box, who gave me a epic Blue Madness… :slight_smile:


Edit: Thanks too ^^ I got it

Still nothing.

Player ID: 30436454

There’s still noothing too…

Player ID: 30781250

I have spent 75 tokens on this chest as well, u can check logs, plz give me my reward as well) player id:26424370 thank you in advance!

I still have yet to get my chest
Player ID 30632032

i have managed to buy two during sale and nothing yet id: 17932560

If you didn’t get the box please write into support.
We will check the list.
[email protected]