Weekend Sale Issue

Hi Pilots,

During the weekend we ran a special sale on the Premium Box, giving an increased drop rate of the new sniper weapon we have introduced at the end of last week.

By mistake, the description of this box, which gives 1 item, was wrong. It was supposed to state the box’s higher chances to get the weapon, but instead it had the description of the Premium Pack, stating the box include 5 cards.

Even though the Box worked correctly technically, some of the players felt misled by the wrong description, and rightly so.

Therefore, as a compensation, we have rewarded the 5-cards Premium Pack for every purchase of Premium Box done during the sale time. These boxes can be found in your Inbox (Unclaimed Boxes) tab.

  • Mohadib

Good. Thanks for this, it is a fair compensation.

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wait , give everyone the boxes . Everyone else will feel sad that the didnt get them and make drama. #BOX4EVERYONE

I cant tell if this is Liran or Alexander on Mohadib’s account


How about those of us who play on Kongregate, will we get the boxes as well.

Cause for real , they bought a 75 token box and are getting a 335 token box because of a code error? Give everyone boxes and make it fair

The rest of us realized that it was just a mistake


I did not get my boxes…player ID 28719430
EDIT Boxes received, thank you!

I know , but still. Theyre technically getting 5 free epics or a legendary. None the less its a free pack

I’m in the same situation as disturbed, Player ID 30632032. I only bought one pack.


Lol They hate Kong players :smiley:

I didn’t get anything… although i only bought one box… ID: 10643055

Is it supposed to be automatic?
Like the sistem knows how many boxes you bought and automaticly gives you the pack?
Cause in that case… it isnt working.

cheers mate

Id of limited this at 1 box per person that bought but i wont complain. xD

As el metre said above, when should we expect these? (mine havent shown up yet)

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I bought 1 box - submitted a ticket on dec 1 , and have not received anything yet either :angry:

UPDATED: i GOT EM TY :slight_smile:

Oh yes Daddy, thanks a ton :heartbeat:

I got when i launch app second time. You will get it, box takes sometime travel from sm headquarter to user addresses.


Still nothing…what’s the word?