Weapons that steal health/energy/etc. from enemies

For heat, it would do the opposite; it would transfer some of your heat into the enemy mech.


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so basically if you have 2x crimson ruptures , you give him 350 heat.

plus 186 from the heat youve generated.

hell no dude


You’re overthinking it. No module or weapon like that would transfer that much heat at a time.

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crimson ruptures give 135 heat and drain 48 cap

double that

then send the heat to ur enemy.

I meant like a separate conversion module. Like it could transfer, say, 12 excess heat. Definitely not all of it.

No, thanks. I don’t want that

What about specific weapons who have that ability ?

Like Ash’s/Crimson’s capacity damaging, Desert Snake’s/Spinefall’s regen/cooling damaging, Void’s/Clash’s/Snack’s resistance drain, it could be an additionnal stat, but to balance, others ones like direct damage, resistance drain, heat/energy damage or anything else would be lower than the average

(I’m just pushing the idea a little more further ^^)

Obviously you do not understand the concept

Obviously you do not know de wae

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You must have ebola to know da waa

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I guess this could work.
The weapon starts at EPIC.
Its stat for steal is 10-20
Legendary 20-35
Mythical 35-50.

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@L4K3 What do you think about that ? I know you will do the maths to prove your arguments ^^

A similar idea that might also work would be modules that restore lost cap or regen each turn, rather than a steal

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Sure,but what should I talk about?
Should I try to see how it would work with heat weapons (for he said something about them above),or should I talk about the weapon “life stealing” concept?
Or both?

What would be the most balanced way to implement it, the anti-exploiters measures during the implement, etc. ^^

Dubi0us also found something interresting with the lost-capacity-or-regen restore ability ^^

What would be more useful/ matching the most the gameplay of SM of 2 ideas ? Vampiring weapons or restoring modules/weapons/other ?

Keep that in mind.
This is what I came up with:

Bow,alloe me to explain:
Crimson Rapture:135 heat dmg,-48 heat cap,93 heat cost (will neglige energy coat
1 heat to an opponent with,let’s say,200 heat cap would turn from
0/200 -> 135/152,which doesn’t overheat the opponent
Based on what you said about transfering the heat cost,it would turn to be as
135+93=228 => 228/152 which does overheat the opponent
So,a way to balance it would be that,when heat cap reaches maximum,the rest of the heat cost not to be transferred.
So,instead of 228/152,the opponent would have 152/152 which is NOT an overheat.
Like this,you get 76 heat as the after-cost,instead of 96.So,It’s still cheaper and your opponent still receives a little extra heat damage.If the opponent is already shut down/hax maximum cap reached,the extra heat would not count.Just so it’s fair.
Complicated but that’s the most balanced way I could find.
Now,for a phys x phys battle.
The weapons would do an average of 300 dmg each,drone has 100 avg dmg.
So,let’s fast forward.
In the 4th round,when you’d kill the opponent,you would only benefit of 100 extra health…You wouldn’t survive another avg Annihilation shot.(neglected res drain)Also,I drew that on turns to see if turns would affect it somehow.
I also gave the opponent a drone and did not give one to the user to demonstrate it’s ability.
So,it would be a fixed kill without a frone;overkill+health left using one.
It could save you another turn with just 10% Lifesteal.
Might not seems that much but it has the potential of saving you a turn,therefore dealing another 2 shots plus the drone (if you activated it)
As for energy…Same as heat.
When energy cap is maxed/over-maxed,the energy cost wouldn’t transfer to your opponent anymore for any extra damage.
Like this,it’s a balanced “Lifesteal” for energy too.It wouldn’t deal extra dmg but it would help drain faster.

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Judging from the first post (don’t have time to read all) this is a very interesting idea. Definitely needs more thinking (does this transfer have its own cost? Do only certain weapons do it? etc.) but I like the basic idea!

Btw,at the 3rd page…
There is supposed to be an extra 30 health at 1’s bar.
Making it’s last turn after killing the opponent to be 300 hp left.
Sorry,I rushed and forgot to add the extra 30.It is correct in the text above tho.
One more thong.
I am at a mountain station for my holiday,idh a laptop so I’m writing on my phone.
I’m trying to write faster on it so I’m sorry if I left something out/didn’t express myself properly.Writing this much on a phone is uncomfortable,you know…
I also won’t write as much as I use to these couple days.I’ll be back to normal when I come back home.
Btw,that’s why I took photos,and I hope you understand what they mean.Didn’t wanna write this much for this isn’t my pc’s comfortable keyboard.
If there’s anything,leave a message and I’ll edit/explain/modify after I get home.

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thanks, and np ^^


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