Weapons that don't need energy


can you guys list all the weapons that don’t need energy?..I need it for my mech…thanks


reckoding now better?
armor destroyer/annihilator
magma blast
sorrow and the physical version of it
you can find the pictures anywhere in the forums


If so, you got all the list wrong, Immortal. The proper names are:
Ardor Destroyer


You forgot Magma blast lol


:joy: ecks deeeeeee


@Mordulec you gave life to my exact thoughts here :joy:


Reckoning, not redocking


Out of all of them, Dedolation and Merdy rule! They are the best! Or are they?
Which “diddyed” name rules best:

  • Dedolation
  • Redocking
  • Merdy
  • Annidilator
  • Redulser
  • Ardor Destroyer
  • Soddow
  • Durifier

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Chose your best “diddyed” name and win the “Uldimate Diddy” forum title!


Ardor Destroyer have a meaning actually, and it’s kinda scary!
I dare to suggest Ardor Desdroyer :tophat:


Long live MERDY!




Imma go run and hide under a rock now


All kind of legs…


“diddyed” drone: Clade, Domo ( why it’s heard a player’s name ) durdur
Some weapon: Madma blased
physical dooks
doge( charge ) engine
Tordos don’t dose enerdo


And it’s Annidilation not Annidilator


ohhh…I forgot to add…and their stats



Well i can tell you you the main builds that are used around with some efficience( energy free wepons setup).

  1. 3 magma blast, desolation, charge and hook.
  2. 2 magma blast, desolation, reckoning, charge and hook.
  3. 2 magma blast, desolation, sorrow, charge and hook.
  4. 2 anihilation, night eagle, charge and hook.
  5. 1 anihilation, mercy, night eagle, charge and hook.
  6. 2 anihilation, nightfall, charge and hook.
  7. 1 anihilation, mercy, nightfall, charge and hook.
  8. 2 anihilation, seraphblade, charge and hook.
    9.2 sorrow, reckoning, desolation, hook.
    These are some setups that can counter most of the medium-low energy builds.
    But there are some energy builds that dont have counters atm, because they use the best items available.
    A curent setup that i find it unbeatable, is the one with 3 bunkershell,2 valiants, ash generator, and 2 myth hp modules, with naga or grim torso.
    The 2 myth hp modules make it unbeatable actualy and the fact that 3 bunker shells hurt excrusiatingly bad( a combo of them, on a semi-drained mech can exceed 1000 dmg)


thanks @El_Metre…really helpful


Damn these impossible to obtain