Weapons lost their increasing level of "effects"

befor the update i felt that mythical weapons were given more impressive “effects” than legendaries, legendaries had more impressive "effects than epics and so on. now i got a weapon named “mortal bullet” which is dealing like upto 180 damage , but “the effect” just looks and is heard like a “spit”(i mean “spit” not shit). not impressive

This is due to the meta being forcibly replaced, dealing massive damage is the goal of every mech now, some items due show this increase however, take a mythical lava spray or whatever its called now, deals 160 heat damage iirc, or take the new the electric top that drains about 190 energy, effects have been mega buffed, though they no longer apply universally, aka new magma barriers are more damage oriented than heat oriented, but regardless of this every tier of item does increase its stats, how much varies.