Weapon : Unleash Heat


Oh god , its flaminator all over again


wrong there. only when overheated it cools down(when heat goes above heat cap)
AND no, i say no to that High energy high heat low range flaming scope.


it is because the most some top physical player start to say that everything need a nerf, obviusly everything except physical weapons


They actually want nerf of phys as well:joy:


And joining in topic that weapon could be reaaaaalllyyyyyy OP so idk isn’t a bad idea but that’re really high stats


I do not like that man xD yesterday he was saying physical is okay and presuming and now a nerf? nah


I know that it happens when ytou reach heat cap. I explained in other post .

The other player can make you reach cap if he fears you have too much heat to unleash.

as I said.

reaqd all my replies

I had in mind that you are being heated up to cap when I said this. befcause it is all about filling up to max in tghe argument.


So basically the flaminator version of the heat bomb…


ehh this really sounds cool
but tbh i hate the idea of new items that do such weird stuff
like passing heat
or basing dmg on certain stats

why cant we just come up with stuff like:
weight 56
range 5-8
dmg 244-328
res drain 15
uses 2
pull 2
etc etc

like tbh i just want to see some ideas of like maybe how to push an enemy while being super strong or maybe something like a flame scope but close range

nothing too complex like passing heat and calculating dmg on certain stats