Weapon : Unleash Heat


Weapon name : Unleash heat.

Weapon type : Heat

weapon Description : The Mech Unleashes all the heat he has on the enemy for the same amount of energy he has.

Weapon usage : 1

Weapon Calculations :

keep in mind that the amount of heat to shoot out of your body needs the exact same amount of energy for the base calculation .

so if you want to shoot 200 heat you will need 200 energy if Epic . Legendary and Mythical will multiply that base without the need of extra energy

Damage Calculation :

Epic : Heat damage = Heat unleashed , -1 heat shield , 20 heat up enemy , needs same base heat unleashed in energy.

Legendary : Heat damage = 1.5 X heat unleashed , -2 heat shield , 40 heat up enemy , needs 1x heat unleashed in energy (not 1.5)

Mythical : heat damage = 2x Heat Unleashed , -4 heat shield , 80 heat up enemy , needs 1x heat unleashed in energy (not 2x)

USES : one USE.

Keep in Mind that if your energy is lower than yopur heat then it will only unleash your energy equal of heat as a base … then mulitplied depending on epic/Legendary/Mythical

and keep in mind that you must heat up your mech (or your enemy heats you up) to unleash the heat at the enemy…

Edit : Very Important , the heat that you shoot comes from filled up heat not your heat capacity. That is the heat you get from being attacked and using weapons . if your heat is empty there is nothing to shoot.


so a 1000 energy mech will deal 2000 heat dmg?
Isnt that too much?


you will need to be heated up to 1000 for that and you will be shut down anyways … no one can have both 1000 energy and 1000 heat up capacity

it depends on the heat you have not on the energy alone … this is shooting the heat , the energy is needed to shoot the heat you have.

besides , who has 1000 Energy ?


grim torso, with 5 energy modules : 900+ energy.
If it needs enrgy to fire, the heat that you have then it basicly cannot function properly.
You wanna say that it is actualy a cooldown function that, shoot the heat you acumulate to the enemy, using energy?
Isn’t that kinda of really OP, as function, because it basicly transform a overheat into a wepon… kinda kills the whole concept of heat dmg…


This weapon is very well balanced.

you cant have too much heat up in your mech … each turn it will cool down …

and you still need the same amounbt of energy to shoot the same amount of heat.

sop it is impossible to reach even 500 heat shoot… if you can have the heat you will have trouble with Energy and vice versa.

and no it transforms nothing.

it is like this : you shoot the heat you have and need Energy equal that heat.

for example : lets say you have 500 Energy and 500 heat MEch … this is the best for this weapon.

Then you collect some how 500 heat by yourf enemy trying to shut you down … and then you use 500 energy to shoot that 500 heat

even this is impossible tgo happen because you will be using energy so you will say have 350 energy left so you will shoot base 350 heat.

this can never be OP … unless VERY VERY LUCKY that you have both MAX Energyy and at the same time HEATED UP max to 500 and at the same down not shut down and at the same time did not cool down each turn … and then your base will be 500

and thats rare to happen

your 1000 is impossible … ev en 500 is super ultra RARE to happen

and keep in mind you will use up all your energy for that shot … meaning it has to be a powerful weapon.

so lets say , if you are skilled and have a mech that is half Energy half heat bbuild ., the base heat you can shoot will be around 350 heat and Mythincal will be 700 one shot no energy left.

is like 2 shots 350 each

it is well balanced dont worry

also needs alot of strategy … because you cool down and many Mechs have 200 cool down so it will go down each turn …

this will max out at 350 base and Mythical 700 If Very Very skilled player. and with 350 Energy left when shooting it


Have you seen high ranks builds?
The energy and heat levels are in the 600.
So the scenario of a 500 stored heat shot that hits 1000 dmg, for 500 energy is quite possible, especialy against a heater.
And so what if it consumes 500 energy, on a 600 energy mech, i can shoot the heatleash and another wepon and the drone, to hit 1600 dmg/turn.


your scenario is called lucky shot.

it is very very rare to have both 500 energy LEFT in Battle , and heated up 500

this is very rare timing unless you are a sitting duck doing nothing

keep in mind that the enemy when he sees such weapon in front of him , he must AVOID heating the enemy up as well too much , and much concentrate on using Energy attacks to make sure the enemy Energy is Low.

Such battles are two sided , if the enemy is STUPID and he sees that weapon and not counter it then he deserves to be hit 1000.


Heater heat up the oponent!!!
It is their bloody job to do that!
Look at top replays an you will understand what i am talking about.
Just so you get the picture :
The meta build:
2300+hp, with 70 allround resist, with either 700 enerrgy and 600 heat or 600 energy and 700 heat are really common on r3-r1.
And guess what … they just sit and shoot.
This wepons is too much of a counter to heat mechs, whom are alredy a dieing breed…after the death of energy builds.


To put in picture what @El_Metre is triying to explain. Thats a good idea, but applied to some builds, thatd be really, really OP.
Atm i have issues with some powerfull heaters, with a weapon like this id wreck them way too easy…


well If I neerfed it from 2x to 1.5 X it will deal low damage for 99% of players …

as for your fear of 1000 hit , well as I said , it is easy to counter . If I have a mech and an enemy infront of me with suchj weapon I will keep an eye on his Energy and make sure it is lower allways until he uses that one use weapon for say 300-350 base and then start Attacking him hard.

now you miss something in your reply …

you said 700 energy and 600 heat.

but this 600 heat must be filled up to be shot .

you cant shoot it while empty and no heat inside.

we are not talking here about 700 heat capacity

we are talking about FILLED with heat .

and this weapon is PERFECT for Heaters … bnecause all their weapons heats them up as well … they can fill up and shoot . who said this is bad for heaters ? actually heaters dont need to wait for others to heat them up

they just fill it up while shooting heat weapons.

the other enemy must then counter heaters by making sure they never got enough energy to shoot that heat.

as I said , it will max out at 350 base for very skilled players.

if youm wish to nerf it … then we nerf it in testing and see … if Tactic soft agrees to add it, but I can promise you this will be 350 base most of the time in reality.


How is this OP ? you have 564 heat .

this needs to be filled to 564 by yourself and the enemy

so you can shoot 564 base.

can you tell me how you can do that ?

each turn you will cool down 222 right ? so you will never get that 564 heat filled by yourself.

now if the enemy is stupid and filled you up with 564 heat knowing you can shoot it , then it is his mistake.

now heaters can use this weapon vey well more than others because they can heat themse3lves up using their heat attacks , and they dont need to wait for others to heat them up. but at the same time , heaters have lower energy and other players must act fast against them either to take advantage and shut them down , OR lower their Energy.

we can nerf it to 1.5x Mythical if you wish but I think this should be decided in testing. not here.


Im not a heater, i run physicals.
Imagine me facing a heater like say @El_Metre , the guy will say to hisself “cant shoot, ill load his unleash heat”. Lol

Btw, cooling aint automatic if bellow cap, so no ill not cooldown every turn, especially if i have such a weapon.



well lets hope the idea is accepted then we can decide if we make it 2x Mythical or 1.5X Mythical in Testing.

Here is hard to say.,

but the idea itself I think is very strategic.

we need strategic weapons that need in depth planing. most of the weapons here are point and shoot with little in depth strategy.

Keep in mind that this weapon has a negative that it uses up all energy for that shot. this is a huge disadvatnage and thats why is hard to nerf.

as for cooling being not automatic below cap , then the enemy must make it automatic by herating you up to cap.

There is alot of Thining and strategy on both sides if they have this weapon.

if a heater is seeing you having 500 Heat capacity and that weapon, one of the strategy he can use is making you auto cool down . Or hitting your Energy , OR not heat you up much …

but anyways I am ok if it needs to be nmerfed from 2x to 1.5x

Keep in mind also if you dont cool down you will have to face shut down possibility from a heater as well .


They won’t be accepted… They don’t fit in this game.

If they do, then I bloody quit.


dont be so negative … you cant tell before testing it . and keep in mind that in testing alot of parameters get changed. This is just the basic Idea . Testing will change alot of thing. like the damage and so on.


I’ve just been really negative to you, sorry, I don’t know why.
I apologize for the straight up kill shots.
Sincere Apologies. :smile:

I will leave you be.


@El_Metre is absolutely right, except the heat mech is not just a dying breed at high ranks, but (as i can attest to it) it can barely withstand the onslaught of phys (and certain electric) at the lower ranks (in this case i am talking 7-8)


same thing at ranks 13-9.
It is a widespread thing, that phis now dominates more and more the lader.
And this wepon is the perfect anty heat wepon… you heat me up… i make you pay…


it is very sad indeed…
i don’t understand really why the devs causin so much unbalance in the game…
it does not make it fun, it does not compell us to diversify or even experiment
it does not entice us to spend…
so…than what is the reason?


Exeption confirming the rule being that one infamous build.
Super premium Triple magmas and deso. Coupled with plates for a 2500ish hp, this thing is my nightmare… but really thats it.
Man if id hate facing LoTW… but again, just one or 2 players can take out these…