Weapon Trading System!

Weapon trading system will be very useful for all players …for examble if a player have 3 Mercy and he only need 2 and he want Spartan Carnage and other player have spartan carnage but he needs mercy so they will Trade mercy for spartan carnage and if you want make it with tokens to trade make it like 100 T or 150 T (it is all about the weapon and models and others ) …i think it is very cool idea and i hope it to be in the game soon :slight_smile:
Tell me your opinion about it



I think I died and went to heaven…

  • This is post is a troll
  • This is post is definitely a troll

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The most dumb idea I´ve heard, sorry, but really, people can trade between their accounts, its easy, you create a new account, then with your main account, gives a premium ora a good weapon to to your 2nd account, and the 2nd account can troll the rank 20-15 players, and it will make it bored. Just think, we all have talked about this

@Astrokill I think he is new to the game and forum… Usually new peeps post this thinking they have the best idea in trade. They don’t even see the previous trade ideas.


Do you know the TRADE/GIVE TO JamAnime12?
Everyone knows that they must give me a legendary - Mythical weapon or 100 tokens every week. That’s a game rule. If you can’t foolow that, you must give me your acct .I don’t make them. :roll_eyes:

Just messing

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Its the same thing
You can buy tokens and voilá
There is no game with no cheaters

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Tokens for trade… That is way too easy…

Hey bro… iam playing the game from 2015 :joy: … so iam not new and iam an old player from the oldest Supermechs …and iam just saying my idea here and i think it will be good cuz the boxes item drop rate is very bad and many people needs new items …do you understand me ? and iam just telling a idea no thing more . :slight_smile:

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Ok… I dont want to be rude with him … but you…
Look your first reply…

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What about my 1st reply? It cracked me up…

But it wasnt necessary to exaggerate

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thanks astro for your respect :slight_smile:

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Then why did you bring this up knowing so many posts before yours. You already knew the answer to it.

Sometimes people just want to see what the community says abou his ideas, if it is ridiculous or its a very good idea, we have all made mistakes. Like you and me.


the post is not for you only and i dont mine if they give you a legendary or a myth Weapon or 100 tokens per week …iam telling this idea to make the poor people happy …but you are thinking you are the best …and why i will give you my acc xD …you are really rude with that comment man…

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I am poor and happy. Never spend a penny in this game or any. I would like this idea, yet to bring it up again…

:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: (you posted that not me)
That would be nice, yet I suck now in this game.

Serious, you will… lol

I posted before that if I see another trade post, I will be rude in replying…

I am actually really nice…


jk just let the ideas flow


lol…i wont give you my account …and why you are sure that i will xD you made me laugh man …just go a play and have a nice day .

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oouuu… hey both should calm down a bit…
dont be toxic/aggresive

The way you replied it…

The “I” before “will” changes the meaning of that sentence. Put the “I” after “will”.