Weapon : The Last Stand

Weapon name : The last stand.

Weapon Effect : it doubles the damage of any weapon you have and grants you one extra use of that weapon you choose even if it has no uses left.

Weapon penalty : it reduces your HP to 1 … if you dont kill the enemy , you are dead 100% after using this weapon.

Weapon Using Condition : your hp must be more than 30% of max HP , you cant use this weapon just before you die to win … you must use it when your HP is Above 30%

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i dunno, kinda a life and death thing

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Why don’t you just use the same topic??..instead of making separate topics?


What tf are you trying to do with Supermechs? turn it into a fantasy D&D game? This isn’t mechs and robots… this sounds more like Magic and random acts of power shifting.


because this way is better for people replies and easier to vote at end.

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not really , it is still a mech game … you just sacrifice HP for more attack power.

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I would not want to do that sm weapons are fine as is


you want us to be stuck with our weapons forever ? people will get bored and leave

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Well maybe if they would wait and get the good weapons out there plus also high rangers would not use this

Yah but it’s just like making you opponents mech not move plus that’s why they make new weapons like vandal rage not saying I like that weapon

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Hi there,

Thanks for your many posts and ideas. However, I will politely request that you collate them into a single topic instead of spamming the category, where others also want to share ideas, and want their topics seen.

You have been doing this everyday for quite a while now, and it’s become a bit too much.

Just make a single such thread for the day, whereby you can call it:

Weapon Ideas For the Day

Or something to your preference.

Thanks in advance.


Supermechs isnt an mmo.


okay will just post fewer ideas per day or week , one per a day or two

but joining them all in one post will make the post very long and replies much harder and voting impossible on each weapon in one post and complicated.

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I got banned for 24hours when I said the same things that these ideas are not worth to implement

no thanks
where are you getting this ideas from?