Weapon Refit Possibility

I think that noobs (and everybody else, but not at much) should have a better chance of getting legend - myth items, as I recently started out on a new account by the name of Mythakill, and I got a nightfall, which was EPIC LEGEND MYTH. That account needs a Desert Fury, and maybe annihilation. I also need plates that go beyond epic. If we can come to an agreement with the tacticsoft team, we can arrange for a better gameplay.[poll type=regular]

  • Very good idea. Try to implement
  • Very bad idea. Reject
  • Very complicated, but good. Implement
  • I have no idea what this is
  • I am developer, implement
  • I am developer, reject

One more thing guys my name is copyrighted, so NO STEALING IT :wink:

I think everyone should have a better chance of getting legendary items,not just noobs.Otherwise it would get a little imbalanced in here.Imagine a lvl 15 player beat you with his full-myth mech while you’re lvl 50 with only your mythical torsos.
Bad idea in my opinion.Either make it for everyone or go home and rest

Plus it would’t be fair.
For example,I had to make most of my legendary items (also mythicals) through fusing.I just didn’t have the luck to get a legendary as a drop (only got around 3 or 4 in the many months I’ve been playing for).

true, but I hope that this will help to balance out the gameplay in which the game would end up better, and players such as KIG Blinc, and Lastofthewilds will get less reward from their box - spamming

I don’t really understand the way this feature would be used in-game…
Can you explain it a bit please ? ^^

ah well, i wish you luck in nobody voting on those developers thingies

thx doing it now