Weapon mods idea

Mods are items which you can equip to a divine item
When you click on it to upgrade, it gives the option to insert a mod (only one can be equipped at a time and you can buy a mod remover (100000 credits) to remove the mod and re use it)
Some of the module ideas are:

  1. 10% damage increase
  2. 10% energy damage increase
  3. 10% heat damage increase
  4. +10 heat cap damage
  5. +10 energy cap damage
  6. +5 regen damage
  7. +5 cooling damage
  8. -12 heat cost
  9. -12 energy cost
  10. +1 max range
  11. +1 min range

Arena.Upgrades. We dont need added mods.Energy drainage and heat power is already overpowered.


M O R E … P O W E R …

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I think this is pretty good, since divines are pretty boring. AND they are the most powerful items, but they have no special properties other than boring animations.

Stuff like this only further ruins balance, or any chance of being balanced.

I would agree with such an idea if the current state of the game was better. As it stands, the game can do without more broken nonsense.


Right now if everybody has divines and the same exact arena bonuses then everybody has the capability to do the same exact damage, but if there is mods in the game then you would have to switch around strategy and the game would be more fun.

@SilverBox you need to take a good look at this awesome idea

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I like the idea, but I feel it would be more interesting if they also negatively affected another stat, like more heat damage for less explosive damage


Kinda like “playstyle enhancers ?”

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