Weapon Levelling?

Does this:

Turn into this?:

If not… Then what turns into the second one??

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the first one is LAST WORDS –---------- (63), 2-4 Range, 185-285 ElDmg, 95 EnDmg, -12MaxEn, 1 Push, 3 Uses, (47/16 Cost)
the second one isBUNKER SHELL----------(50), 2-4 Range, 243-463 ElDmg,123 EnDmg, -17EnRegen, -30 MaxEn, -17EnRes,1 Push,1 Use, (23/0 Cost)
last words have epic, legendary and mythical.
bunker shell have legendary and mythical.
These two are not same.


These are 2 different weapons …

The first begins as épic and becomes a little more fashion when it becomes mythical.

2nd. begins as legendary and becomes a bit bigger and cool when it becomes mythical.