Weapon Idea : Levitation beam


Hello Every one .

Here is a special weapon Idea :

Name : Levitation beam

Action : it lifts the Mech up in the sky then releases it free fall.

Epic : raises it 2 places up , Legendary : up 4 spaces , and Mythical : up 8 spaces !!!

Damage :slight_smile:

Epic : base damage 50 + 5% of Enemy Mech MAX HP

Legendary : base Damage 100 + 10% of enemy Mech MAX HP

Mythical : base damage 200 + 20% of enemy Mech MAX HP

Type of Attack : ignores shields.

Type of weapon : Energy

Effect : the fall destroys 50% of all shields phys/heat/en.

Number of uses : 1

Conditions of uses : Must have FULL ENERGY and consumes all Energy meaning only one attack at that turn and must have full Energy!!! that is it is best used at first and harder to use later unless u have good regeneration of energy .

if you are a heavy mech with alot of HP you will get more damage.the damage depends on your Maxiumum toital HP not the HP left


I don’t think this is plausible. it might be too glitchy. and mechs jump, and it doesn’t deal damage to them.


Glitch has nothing to do with jumping is just animation.

as for jumping … well levitation is not jumping … this is 1KM high in the sky not a jump.


You seem to have nice and new ideas… but as you describe them, you make the weirdest edits to make them sound terrible:

Like wtf


You’re really full of ideas huh?
I’m impressed

The thing where you must have full energy is too much imo. This thing will be useless against energies who will drain you. Give it
A regular energy cost just like every other weapon.


This is a deadly weapon .

it will take out almost half the enemy HP and half his shields.

and it is lifting the enemy 1000m in the sky … ofc it will need full energy and will consume all your energy or it will be a major unbalance.

The cool idea about it is that the more HP u have the more deadly this weapon is against you lol



hahahahaha :smiley:



Wtf bro. I hope your trolling…


well not half but almost I said. depends on the HP of the enemy and thats why after this attack he must lose the ability to attack the next turn without energy left.

This is very strategic weapon if you look at it carefully. and its damage varies alot depending on the level and MAX Hp of the enemy.


Umm, This most likely needs a lot of energy, especially as you raise it to different heights. So, your talking about going from 2 spaces , epic, to 8, mythical. Wouldn’t this weapon require more energy in mythical than in epic.


Something does not add up here… So is it 20% + 200, or half the enemy HP? Because those two are not equal, pal… Mordulec is confused…


ehhhhh no thank
it sounds really original and all but it’s a bit op but at the same time useless… lemme explain

lets say you battle an average 2000 hp enemy… that will deal 600 dmg for all your energy?
this leaves you in the spot for energy mechs since you may not be able to use any other weapon, sure 600 is a lot but you’ll die since well… no energy

second takes out half of your shields… now that’s op cause you can turn 99 res into like 50 or so… basically trashing your shields to work with less…

third… this ignores shields so you basically say “nope i’ll deal 600 dmg to you while i destroy your useless protection”

fourth it only has one use… so you may want to shoot this first… but then you’ll remain vulnerable unless you have a super high regen…

in other words “high dmg for all your energy and basically ability to fire weapons”

no thank



well it depends on your HP … if the 200+20% HP = Half your hep then yes

if not then no

example : your enemy HP is 800 , then 200+160 (800*0.2) = 360 almost half 800



it takes out half the enemy shield not your shields.

and it ignores the shields when attacking meaning that the 2000HP Mech will loose 600 Granted and will loose half his shields from the fall.

and you seem want every major weapon easy to use …

I am Presenting new ways of using high end weapons that will need careful planning both in design and in battle itself.

if you do it right , you will have a good damage weapon.

and such powerful weapons need disadvantages for balance as well…

so your enemy must use energy Attacks on you when he see that weapon on you to try hard to avoid making you regenerate fully.

Most of the weapons here are point and shoot without deep strategy.

Making hard conditions for using some weapons will make the game deep and needs careful planning in battle.


Okay we can make the weapon 2 uses .

But I insist on the hard Condition for using it.

1- All Energy is there. the second time will be harder. you need high regeneration build for this. and to avoid using energy weapons preparing for it …

2- After using it it consumes all your energy .

and guys remember there are few heat only weapons in the game … if you lose all your energy is not a big deal if you equip them and use them the next turn .

and equipping this weapon will make you invest on regenerating Energy Modules more so you can regenerate fast and fill it full .


Does this mean the Claw can now jump :upside_down_face: JK lol


hahaha Claw will hate his HP at last :slight_smile:

20% of his MAx HP :stuck_out_tongue:


i already know it takes out half of the enemy’s shields, that’s just me not using words properly

i feel like it needs to have a fixed cost since well… all your energy could vary from 1 max cap to over 800 cap

those are my only concerns


Lets say I have 2 magma blasts, a desolation, and this weapon

Sure, I use this op weapon ti take away half my enemies health- and I get rid of all my energy.

However, since magmablast and desolation are energy free, I would finish him off in the next turn