Weapon Buff Please?

How about a Weapon buff to Energy and Heat weapons that are underused? A lot of weapons from Energy to Heat is Overused yes but how about those weapons that aren’t? Add Damage? Add Drainage/Heat Damage? Or just lessen the Weight? Though some might or might not agree, Physical may get nerfed so this might change their minds Though I know it wouldn’t since the top players are Physical builds


There are psyh weapons that are trash too


Desert fury
I may say even a drone,greedy

About heat
One example
Desert snake have a great potential but since it eats energy and overheat you more than the enemy…well is not a great idea

Every type have some useless weapons

How about a Weapon buff to Physical weapons that are underused :question:



For the weight they have…
Sniper thingy weight 29 kg…
Bloodwep … 34 kg.
Greedy… 20 kg.
I tell you one that is underused… terror cry… unused by phis players… but used by heat players… since they dont have 2 range alternative.
And one that is really just mythfood the allmighty purifier… that is just mythfood.


Did you noticed, that all 3 types work different :interrobang:

thats why the developer gave physical items less weight - to balance all :wink:

Heat …

  • can overheat you, steal you turns :exclamation:

Energy …

  • can drain your whole energy, making weapons unuseable + a lot extra damage once you are drained :exclamation:

Physical …

  • is supposed to do more damage, because it has no extra abilities :exclamation:

Yep, That is why Physical has to be the most used since the first to die has the bigger chance of loosing

The phys is so used because you don t need too many things for a op phys

But for heat mechs and en mechs you will need more items

I would build a en mech,but since i don t have op en stuff,i can t

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Are there other physical weapons than Spartan Carnage, Night Eagle, Nightfall, Mercy, Annihilation, SeraphBlade, War Hammer, BackBreaker and the mascot weapon Desert Fury?

Btw. I think the thread would have been better worded as “Add 1 good non-premium close ranged weapon to heat and energy and 1 good non-premium medium ranged push weapon to heat”.

After all in close-range (1-2) physicals have rhe only good non-premium weapon “Annihilation” while heat and energy only have their premium weapons for that range (flame thrower types and maybe BigDaddy/Chaosbringer).
Furthermore in medium range of 2-4 heat lacks any viable non-premium push weapon while physical got TerrorCry and energy got Last Words.
So close range for heat and energy heavily depends on extreme luck or well-filled pockets to get those close-ranged premium weapons and the same is for medium ranged push weapons for heat.

Energy already has last words

Terror cry is trash and I agree that heat lacks 2-4 push weapon

You need to read my sentence again.
I said a close ranged (1-2) non-premium weapon for both heat and energy and a medium ranged (2-4) push weapon for heat.
I did not ask for a push weapon for energy.

mate, you can stomp and use last words

Going through my inventory I think they should buff the following items:

Big Daddy, Chaos Bringer, Bloodweep, Mortal Bullet, Delerium,Iron Frenzy, Desert Snake, Spinefall, Mighty Cannon, and Armor Annihilator.

I mean, there are others but that’s the “Rare but Useless” stuff I’m keeping. I think the 4-8 range pull orb canons should particularly be buffed since that’s not something I’ve seen in any other game so it might as well be good enough to be iconic.

Unless you use claw…
In wich case you can just stomp stomp… and die.

Bigdaddy and chaos are higher dmg equivs of ash and grimmy.
Mighty cannon is a hard hitting wepon of 400 + dmg, for low weight.
Dessert needs a heat cost reduction… and becomes decent… or maybe a range change since heat lacks alot a pull into range 2.
The others need slight buffs… except disolver… maybe a buff to drain.

Then you equip hammer or axe and not die

The matter about a good range 1-2 non-premium weapon is completely unrelated to the push weapon in range 2-4.
The 1-2 weapon is about having a means to fight in range 1-2 on equal grounds against physical mechs without needing a premium weapon.
Physicals can use Annihilation for that range which in addition has no energy or heat costs.
So while it is heavy it has a huge advantage in range 1-2 for a non-premium weapon.

Heat and energy should have such a useful non-premium weapon, too, so that they can have a decent chance against physicals without needing to land a premium item from a box.

The push weapon for heat is about a means to push opponents farther away to get them into range of another weapon or to get them out of range for their own weapons.
E.g.: The opponent stands in range 2. Any energy mech could use Last Words to get the opponent to range 3. As a result the opponent would need to make a move to get into range 2 again to fire his range 1-2 weapons.
But heat has no non-premium push weapon going up to myth for range 2 at all.
So a heat mech would either need Magma Blast as a premium item, use the epic version Twisted Flux or use a physical or energy weapon which is not really fitting for their mechs.
That is why there should be an epic-myth range 2-4 push weapon for heat, too.

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energy has better weapons in longer range, heat too and psyh in shorter, i think that’s okay

Well, there is one serious disadvantage for long-ranged mechs compared to short-ranged mechs though:
To shorten the distance there are 3 utility items (hook, charge and teleporter) while to increase the distance there is only one item (teleporter).
So the only way to increase the distance otherwise is with useful push weapons.
But while physicals can use a non-premium Night Eagle to decrease the distance as much as to range 2 the heat mechs lack a good non-premium push weapon from range 2.
That means decreasing the distance is far easier for physical mechs than it is for heat mechs to increase the distance.

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maybe a buff to underused items in general?!
like idk maybe all the useless phy weapons (specially the premium ones) and archimonde
maybe a buff to the heat and energy orb cannons
etc etc