Weapon : Body Smash

Weapon name : Smasher

Class : Pysicial

weapon animation : the Mech runs and hits his enemy with his body weight.

Weapon Damage Calculation : The Further the distance the more the damage each move adds 0.1 damage more , and Damage is calculated from Body HP as well. so you want maximum damage be sure you are far away !!!

Formula :

Epic Damage : 50 base + (5% of Attacker Max HP ) *(1+(distance/10))
Legendary : 100 base + (10% of Attacker Max HP) (1+(Distance/10))
Mythical : 200 base + (15% of Attacke MAX HP)

weapon range = 1-10 spaces

number of uses : one time.

Energy use : 10 energy for each step … if you want to dash 10 steps you will need 100 energy.

This a different version of the Charge Engine.

And no.


ok so e-m better then c-m
does this work here
yes XD

Wtf are you on about?

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actually it is better than charge …

not really, making less reach and more cost, little difference then the real one

But still a charge right? Thus it makes it a different version of the current Charge


I don’t think I like it I will just stick to useing the charge
And winz very true just changed

Same here, i like my maxed legendery one

look at the formula and see how it is different weapon. and it is high end weapon with alot of damage as well.

But the damage is not supposed to be high if it’s put into the grapple hook tp and charge section tp stands for teleport if you did not know

This is another weapon … forget about charge for now … look at it …

you will need 100 Energy to charge 10 steps.

So it’s a jet pack for your mech ??

This is a running animation and not rocket charge … I say we add it as a weapon or maybe as you said another utility dunno yet

Yah but what’s it’s going to look like plus I would not want my mech to look drunk running across the screen because we are going have a new section just made for that weapon I would calll it something else but I don’t know

so a 2000 hp mech, at range 9(max possible) :slight_smile: :
200+300x1.9 = 770
770x1.2 =924 dmg.
Add also an anihil shot and a drone shot another 550 dmg.
For a total : 1474 dmg/turn… it also closes distance…
Yeah… not OP at all.
On a 3150hp mech, with mercy :
200 + 472x1.9 = 1097 dmg.x1.2 =1317 add a high mercy roll and drone(700) = 2017 dmg in one turn.
Defenetly a NO to this.


sorry you allways think as the second player is dummy

the second player should never allow an enemy to be far away 9 places when he notice he has this weapon.

and if he wants to teleport and then shoot far away then he cant use another weapon in the same turn

you need to know that Strategy and thinking is both sides. if one side makes a mistake it is his mistake.

now lets assume the attacker uses Teleport to teleport to 9 spaces , then attacks …

2000 HP mech

200+300*1.9 = 770

Thats is the total damage and ONE hit only

why did you multiply it by 1.2 ? why are you adding 1.2 to it ?

and why are you adding a second shot to it ? as I said … Strategy is on both sides …

yes some weapons need to be Fatal if the enemy did not counter them right and played dummy just point and shoot.

but anyways we can lower the damage a bit if it is too OP.

Arena buffs,20%.
Kid i like your enthusiasm, and the fact that these wepons are out of the habitual spher of the game.
But keep in mind that there are wepons that basicly do that… they push the oponent into certain range.
Do take my critism in a positive and constructive way.
When i say something is OP, it usualy is.
And this wepon has one major advantage… it basicly counters long range builds… and that alone is an OP factor of it.
Like i said, i like it, but it doesnt have to be Fatal, and deal 1k dmg…

dont call me Kid please . I am a Programmer (I dont work at tactic soft) and I like this game.

If I miss something polity point it out for me instead of calling people kids.

I am introducing new way of strategy to the game … if you play dummy you die . thats the main idea.
I missed the Arena buffs

okay lets lower it lets make it add .05 damage per move and lower the 15% in Mythical to 10%

Epic Damage : 50 base + (4% of Attacker Max HP ) *(1+(distance/20))
Legendary : 100 base + (8% of Attacker Max HP) (1+(Distance/20))
Mythical : 200 base + (10% of Attacker MAX HP)(1+(Distance/20))

good ?

no thanks
we already got the charge engine